Stratosphere brings multiplayer tower defense to the iPad, combining both defensive and offensive strategic gameplay. Grab one side of an iPad and play as one of three unique teams, taking on your opponent with 12 different creatures that you can send to assault their gates.

One iPad. Two Players.

Stratosphere was designed from the ground up for iPad, to turn it into a real-time, interactive board game. Just pick a side of the iPad and begin placing sentry turrets to defend your gate, and then send waves of creatures to overwhelm your opponent. Feeling a bit lonely? Play singleplayer against a Stratobot to hone your skills, complete missions, and unlock awesome new modes and levels to show off to your friends.

v2.0: Online Multiplayer is Here

As of September 9th, 2013, Stratosphere has received a free update with a brand new online multiplayer mode! Challenge your Game Center friends, or find a game with matchmaking, and prove that you are a Stratomaster. Plus, battle for a live planet where you can influence the overall tide of war by winning as your favourite alien race.

With social level selection, online chat, and a brand new ranking system, the new online mode is a huge addition, but version 2.0 expands the game even further. Customize every monster in the game with unlockable costumes, play the new level "Shattered Walkway", check out Stratosphere's monsters and towers in the new almanac, unlock achivements and much more.

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Launch Trailer

Enter the world of Stratosphere where three alien races fight for space on towering spires above a polluted alien world.

Stratosphere on TWiT

Michael visits the TWiT Brick House in Petaluma and plays a game of Stratosphere with Leo Laporte.

Who We Are

Pixile was founded in January 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia to build awesome iPhone and iPad apps and games. We work hard to ensure that everything we create is designed to be simple, polished and a ton of fun, and we don't settle for anything that can't make at least a few people smile.

Our games are designed for hardcore gamers and newcomers alike, and we're putting a particular emphasis on multiplayer experiences that can be shared face to face. Stratosphere has been our passion product for more than two years, and represents all of our core values when approaching a product. So we hope that you'll get as much fun and entertainment out of it as we had creating it.

Michael Silverwood

Michael directs product at Tandem Capital, a seed fund in Silicon Valley, and loves everything to do with games, mobile tech, and startups. He obsesses over the tiniest details of the UI/UX and design of Pixile's apps and games, and strives to ensure a fun coefficient of at least 9.5 (isn't it fun making up metrics?). He also has a background in mobile and web development, plays piano and drums, and can whistle with his tongue curled.

Chris Clogg

Chris graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2011, majoring in Computer Science. He has been developing iPhone and iPad apps ever since the App Store began, and has been developing games and mods for more than 10 years. Chris has released several Starcraft 2 mods that have ranked in the top 10, and also once served a ping pong ball that curved from two rooms away and aced Michael. No joke.

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